Latest News:

28 April 2022

April Rain (Israel) has beautiful babies sired by Lucca.  We still have 2 cream boys available.
They are with Natalya in Rotorua.

Currently I am on holiday in Melbourne for 12 months along with Lucca, Hope and Leia.
Email is the same so easy to contact and new phone number is listed as well.

19 January 2022

Tia babes off for vaccination tomorrow.   There may be one silver boy still available.

Hopes babes are all up on their feet (Still a bit wobbly)  eyes open and starting to growl and
bark.   They are all well over the kilo mark and coming along extra well.   Hope is such a
good mum, very attentive and a milkbar like a jersey cow.   
There is still 2 cream boys available.

17 January 2022

Today our matriach Cosalta Silver Breeze turns 13yo.   She is slowing up but
still happy to go wander the paddocks and chase a ball.
So proud of her and all her offspring doing well worldwide.
We have her daughter, granddaughter, gt granddaughter and a lovely litter
of gtgt grandchildren here.

4 January 2022

Hope has whelped a lovely litter of 6 pups......3 cream and 3 silver/blue.   
1 girl and 2 boys in each colour.   Mum and pups doing ultra well.

28 November 2021

Tia has had her babes........2 bouncing boys and a bonny girl.   All doing well.

24 November 2021

The lovely Tia has been xrayed in pup to Lucca.    She is carrying a small litter, (her final) and due to whelp
27 November.

Hope, our lovely white Tannah girl has been mated to Frankie.   She has been scanned in pup and due around
4 January 2022.   Looking forward to silvers, blues and perhaps white.

 26 August 2021

Very quiet here at present.   Lucca and Jazz were entered for the Ray Udy Memorial Show but due to circumstances beyond our
control we couldn't get there.   They are both carrying on coat growing and hopefully once the covid has passed we will get them in the ring.

Hope whelped a blue girl to Moliere.   Daisy has gone off to Michelle as a prospective breeding girl.   She joins Frankie (Santi/ Tia) in the Wairarapa.

We are waiting for Hope to come back on heat when she will, all being well, be bred to Frankie for a silver/blue and possibly white litter.

Leia (Lucca/Tia)  is growing on nicely.   She is now 4 months old and showing some promise.

16 May 2021
Tia babes continue to grow flat out,  just about doubled in size and very contented and tubby.
There is one girl left for sale.

Hope has been confirmed in pup.   Xrays being done 2nd June to assess numbers.
All enquiries welcome

6 May 2021

Tia has whelped a litter of silvers and blues to Lucca (Smart Connection Way Too Much RFK)
We have 5 girls and 1 sole boy.   They have all gained weight, eating well and growing.   Tia is
being an exemplory mum and is also very well.
All have new homes to go to at this point.

10 April 2021

Hope (Tannah Opalescent Star) been breed to the beautiful Moliere for a litter due in June, all being well.
Hope is a daughter of Asha who had the most stunning litter last June by Moliere.

8 March 2021

Tia (Shantar Tabitha Twitchett) has been bred to Lucca (Smart Connection Way Too Much (Russia)
At this point she is looking like we will have babes around 5/6 May.   
We are taking enquiries for this most exciting litter now.   Pups will be silver or blue only.
Hope has settled in well and now part of the family.   

20 February 2021

Hope and Jazz have arrived from Melbourne.   Both girls have come in from Tannah Poodles to join us.
Hope is a stunning white girl from Silver breeding who will be bred to either Moliere or Kyma when she cycles.
Jazz is an equally stunning black baby combining bloodlines from Europe, USA and Australia.   Hopefully we will get her
out and about over the next few months.

Lucca has settled in really well,   thinks he owns the joint and much to Purdie's disgust he has taken over the sofa.
He has the most amazing temperament and is a dream to live with.   We are hoping to show him in due course.

16 January 2021

Our beautiful white boy from Smart Connection Kennels has finally arrived and is in quarantine.   He will be here with me 
30th January.   Has been a very long wait but the best things take time.   Sired by Aleph Scoban Elan out of a 
stunning Kaylens girl he will be a wonderful addition to the household.

11 January 2021

Shantar Tabitha Twitchett (Tia) is showing signs of coming in season and we will be breeding her to an extremely exciting white 
European boy.   If we get lucky and have babes they will only be silvers and blues as Tia does not carry for any other colours.

All enquiries are most welcome.

12 June 2020

Kahlua has been speyed, recovering well and off to live with Sandra on Saturday.
Pups have all packed their bags and are now with new owners.

Plans are being made for the future with Myka being bred by AI to Ch Thorin Fortem 
Corona Regni (It) .   Tia is going to be bred for her last litter to a lovely black boy.

7 May 2020

Today the glorious Topaz crossed the Rainbow bridge.   She became really ill very suddenly
in the wee small hours and despite the best of veterinary attention she passed.   An absolute 
heartbreak and dreadful loss.

8 March 2020.

Kahlua update.   Kahlua has been bred to Storm and confirmed in whelp to Storm.  Showing 7/8.
Hoping for lots of lovely phantoms.   Taking orders for 3 more.

Topaz has excelled herself at the last shows and we now have 5 ccs.   3 to go for championship status.
Unfortunately missed this weekends shows as she decided to come on heat.

16 January 2020

Semen from the two Italian silver boys Moliere and Kyma has finally arrived in New Zealand
and will provide us with amazing outside bloodlines.
Int Ch All About Moliere Fulfilled my Soul is an international champion with some of the best European bloodlines
behind him.
Int Ch Thorin Fortem Corona Regni combines stunning European and American lines that should tie in well with what
we have here as well.

Topaz is growing coat and will be in the ring again in February.   She is such an outgoing girl with heaps of pizzazz.   All being
well she will be mated later in the year.

Kahlua is doing well and will be mated to Storm later in the year for her last litter.   Hopefully she will give
us another litter of stunning phantoms.

18 September 2019

Been a busy few weeks.   Kahlua gave us 7 beautiful babes, 2 blks, 1 blue/silver, 1 apricot, 1 white, 1 cream and 1 cute phantom.
She is very well and looking after them perfectly.   There is still the apricot boy and black girl looking for homes.

Pua Lei jetted off to Hawaii this morning and Dash who flew off to Perth.   Been a big couple of days for them with
vet visits and the trip up to Auckland yesterday.   They handled the trip to Auckland well and I am sure they will handle
the long distance flights as well.

Two of Tia's girls are available.   They are lovely wee silvers with nice personalities.   Started crate and house training.
Both will make wonderful mates and companions.

23 August 2019

Denzil (Steele/Pannie)  has packed his luggage and flown off to Sue in Australia
Pannies other babes have also flitted off to new homes with only Pua Lei waiting
around to go to Ray in Hawaii.

Tia's babes are now 7 weeks old and getting prepared for the outside world.  Due to a change
in circumstances there are still 2 silvers available.

Kahlua is off to visit the ladies at Glenbred for an xray on Monday 26th August.   Need to have some 
idea of arms and legs in her very rotund tummy.   She is due around 31st.   We have 5 babes spoken
for so far.

27 July 2019.

Life has been pretty hectic here.   We have the most stunning addition in Topaz.
Bred by Trish Kwak in Gisborne, Topaz has joined us.   We hope to have her in the ring at the end of
August.   All thanks must go to Trish  for breeding such a lovely girl and then allowing her to come

Pannies pups are growing flat out, they are nearly 6 weeks old, socialising well and a happy bunch of
campers.   There is still a blue boy and girl available.

Much to our delight the beautiful Tia has whelped a litter of 5 silvers 2 blues.   These are sired by a silver
boy Reggie (bred by Trish Kwak) and are looking to be lovely pups.   There is a silver still available.

Myka decided having pups to Santi was not to be and she is back home with Donna Guy in Christchurch.

Kahlua has been bred to Jedi (Storm/Lola) and I have hopes of  phantoms, blacks,apricots and creams.
She will be scanned 1st week in August.

It is so much fun with the babies and as neither Pannie nor Tia live with me there is quite a bit of running about
taking photos and having puppy cuddles.   If you phone please leave a message and I will call
back as soon as I get home.

21 June 2019

Pannie has babies.   Lovely litter of 4 boys (2 silver 2 blue) and 4 girls (1 ice white, 3 blues poss silver)  They are growing like
mushrooms and very tubby and contented.   At this stage all are spoken for..
Myka has been bred to Santi and we are off for a scan on tuesday 25th June.

20 May 2019

Pannie is very definitely having babes.   She is due around 12th June.   Both Steele and Pannie are DNA tested clear of all

Myka is home for a while....plans have changed a little as the Italian semen has not arrived as yet so we will breed her
to Santi.   This litter should be silvers and blues only.   All being well we hope we may have babies at the end of July.

Tula has jetted off to Hawaii and all reports are that she has settled in well which is brilliant.

22 April 2019

Lots has happened here in the last few months........

Kahlua whelped our first Phantom litter...7 beautiful phantoms and a stunning deep cream.
All have their new homes and have lovely reports of how well they have settled in.    Tula is
still waiting to jet off to Eb and April in Hawaii.

We have mated Pannie (blue) with Steele (silver) and have hopes of a litter in shades of blue, silver and possibly

Myka (Am Ch Pinafore Possabilities from Negresca Moondancer (imp Aust) is going to come back to us
for an AI breeding to an Italian Grand Champion.   We have high hopes of some stunning pups, all going well, in
shades of blue and silver.

12 December 2018

I welcome visitors to meet the team....if you want to call in please do not hesitate to give
me a call and come out.   Always happy to talk poodles and have a cuppa.

Kahlua, our lovely phantom girl from USA, has been bred to Storm.   Hopefully we may have a
litter early February.

2 December 2018

Zoubie has gone off to his new home...all reports are good and he has settled in very well.

26 November 2018

Tia was xrayed today and unfortunately has resorbed her litter.   Very very disappointed but mother nature 
has the last say.

16 November 2018

Plans are well underway for 2 litters  in 2019....these will be silver/blues using imported semen from Europe from 2
different European Champion boys.   Semen has been collected and will be in New Zealand in the next few weeks.

We have had a beautiful blue boy from Fern's litter come back to us through no fault of his own.
He is a lovely natured chap with a gorgeous temperament and will make someone a great companion or obedience dog.

Tia has been scanned in whelp to Evander and we are expecting, all being well, 5/6 babes.  Xrays
are booked 26 November to confirm numbers.

Ch Minka has whelped 2 lovely silver babes, a boy and a girl.   Trish is very pleased with them.

10 October 2018

Tia has been bred to Evander.......scanning will be around 2/3 November.
Link to pedigree :-

26th September 2018

Tia has finally come in season........we intend breeding her to frozen semen from Negresca The Divine Evander (Aus)   Evander is a son of Ch Huffish Intensive Care (Sw) and we expect
Blacks, Browns and Blues if we have a successful mating.

So many exciting things happening at the moment.   Our phantom girl, Kahlua, has caught a
plane from Los Angeles today......she will be out of quarantine around 8th October......She will be bred to Storm at a later stage for our first Phantom litter.

14th September 2018

Minka, owned by Trish Kwak, has been breed to Frankie (Ch Asanti Tefibo Design (CZ) x Shantar Tabitha Twitchett) for an all silver litter.   She will be scanned around 14th October..

5th September 2018

Fern has whelped a stunning litter of 5 pups to Rum (Negresca Silk N Ice (Aust)
I am so delighted with 2 browns, 2 blues and a black.   All are spoken for.

22nd August 2018

Been somewhat remiss with news updates..........
Recently travelled to the World Dog Show.   Huge education and saw some stunning poodles.

Fern has been scanned in whelp to Rum and we have hopes of a litter containing blues, browns and blacks.   She is due around 3rd September......

8th February 2018

Have just arrived back from Glenbred with the most exciting news............the lovely Lola
is in pup to Storm with a very big litter.   We will be taking orders with deposits from now on.
Colours are going to be very interesting with Lola carrying for parti, phantom, brown, red and cream.   This will be her last litter ever.   

15th January 2018

Storm has put on over a kilo.   Looking good.   He has been bred with Lola and we are now
anxiously waiting for scanning.    The colour combinations in this breeding are numerous
and we have high hopes for an exciting litter.  

18th December 2017

Storm home.   Gorgeous temperament but very unsure....has been a very busy month for him and of course, very unsettling.

8th December 2017

Our new boy has finally arrived in NZ from Canada and is in Quarantine in Auckland.
He is a fully registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and is a lovely black and tan.   
Unfortunately he cannot be registered here in NZ as Dogs NZ do not recognise multi coloured
poodles.   He is DNA tested, xrayed and eye tested.   I will be breeding him later on in 2018 to 
Lola who carries both the spotting gene and the phantom markings.   This will be a most interesting breeding and totally different to anything bred in NZ.   He will be out of quarantine and home on
the 18th December.

18th September 2017

Lola's babes have their bags packed and are ready to step out into the big wide world.   They are
a happy bunch with lovely natures.   All are spoken for and going to nice homes.

The lovely Minka has been bred to Steele again and scanned in whelp with babies due around
8th/9th October.   Trish is taking enquiries for these
puppies.   Contact her by email at

7th September 2017

We have a lovely litter from a repeat breeding of Tia and Santi.   One boy and one girl, both silver.
they are looking good at this stage with the boy already spoken for.

24th July 2017

Lola has done us proud and whelped a beautiful litter of 10.   We have an apricot, 3 creams and 6 in shades of black, blue and possibly silver.   Five are already spoken for leaving a cream girl, 2 cream boys and 2 blue/silver boys.
I am absolutely delighted with them.

23 June 2017

Lola has now been scanned in pup.   She is carrying a good sized litter which will be due 22nd/23rd
July.   Will be an interesting whelping waiting to see what colours are.   Knowing my luck we will
get black, black and oh yes more black.   All enquiries for pups welcome.

7 June 2017

Lola has been bred and we will be having a scan done 22 June.  Hopefully there will be some
puppies there.    Colours will be a question mark so watch this space.

Minka had another great weekend with 4 Best of Breeds,  NZ Bred of Group and NZ Bred in Show
at the Non Sporting Show.  This only 3 months from whelping and rearing a lovely litter.  Trish is an absolute marvel keeping her coat up..........

Tia is still being Miss uncooperative so we are still waiting........she is going to be bred to Santi again
when she does cycle.  The last litter was smashing.

13 April 2017

Miss Canada (Kat) has winged her way off to Jan in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Apparently she is settling well. 

Steele has been cut down as I am finding the grooming too much at present. 

Waiting for both Lola and Tia to come on heat..........

Testing is underway for Storm and we hope he will be here from Canada late August early September.

6 March 2017

We have had some interesting questions on the availability of DNA testing for Epilepsy, Addisons and Cushings diseases.  At this time, to the best of my knowledge, there are no tests
available.    There is a test which can prove a dog does not have Addisons at the time of the test.
It is pertinent to that time only, not to it being genetically free of the disease.  Cushings, I understand is the same.  SA testing can be done and the dog cleared but again, this is only at that particular point in time.  None of us can say our lines are free of any of the above problems as they appear in all current lines available to us.  This includes all colours.

Have been somewhat remiss on the news side but there have been some excellent happenings
around here.

Ch Shantar Royal Minka at Ravissant has whelped a smashing litter of 2 girls and 2 boys for
Trish Kwak in Gisborne.  This is an all silver litter.

Tia whelped a gorgeous litter to Santi on 17th December.    2 blues and 4 silvers.  They are
off all round the world.  Tyson has packed his bag and gone to Perth.  Jack isHawaii on the 16th and Kat will be off to Canada at the end of the month.  Fern is in the
very far north and another chap is in Auckland......We have a blue boy available as his new owners
had a dramatic change in circumstances and he has returned home.

This breeding is going to be repeated, hopefully, in April all being well.  Thanks must go
to Lenka Flasarova for allowing the Santi semen to come here.

Opal unfortunately did not conceive and on further investigation we found a problem.  She has
been spayed and now lives in sunny Richmond with Kath.  Apparently walks on the beach are the go.

Steele is continuing to grow coat and may go in the ring a bit later on in the year.

We have an interloper in our midst..............a pale apricot girl has come to us.  She is a rather shy, retiring lady but settling in really well.    Hopefully she will be bred in March and, all being well, we will have a totally different litter to our usual lines.

3 December 2016

Our lovely white girl has, this morning, gone off to her new home with Rodney and Michelle.
She is going to be living a life of luxury with an apricot friend, Lola.  Really sad to see her go
but looks like she will be very happy and settle in well.

27 November 2016

We have a lovely 5mos old white girl looking for a new abode.......she is microchipped, vaccinated,
NZKC registered, wormed, housetrained and partially lead trained.  She has the most gorgeous temperament and is very loving and cuddly.  She will be desexed before leaving.  Price on enquiry and only available to the very best of homes.

Further DNA testing has come back forInt Ch Asanti Tefibo Design (CZ) and he is clear of DM, VwD, NE, PRA, Mucopolysaccharidosis.  He carries for white.  Copies of testing available.

18th November 2016

Tia was scanned yesterday and we are delighted that we have babies.   Due date around 17th December.   Enquiries welcome.

12th November 2016

Due to unforseen circumstances the mating to Steele has not been carried out and Opal (Shantar Unique Tone of Silver) has been bred to Marcelle (Shantar Temptation)  Scanning will take place
around 8th December.

Both are tested DNA clear of NE,DM,VwD and PRA.  As both carry the brown gene
we can expect the possibility of blue, silver, black, brown or silver beige.
Link to test breeding:

3rd November 2016.

Shantar Tabitha Twitchett (Tia) has been bred by TCI at Glenbred Matamata to Int. Ch. Asanti Tefibo Design (Cz Republic) (Santi)

Scanning will be done around 17th November and we have our fingers (and toes) crossed for a successful breeding...This mating gives us a further outcross and access to the best silver bloodlines around.  Tia is tested DM,NE,VwD, and PRA.  She does not carry for white but does carry brown. Santi is NE, VwD free and has all eye testing, hip scores etc.  Copies of all testing is available.
We would expect blues and silvers from this breeding.

Link to test breeding :

Shantar Unique Tone of Silver (Opal) is going to be bred in the next few days with Marlau Storming Ona Silvastar (Aust) Steele. 

This is a breeding that combines bloodlines from Huffish,Pinafore, Graphic and Calies Kennels. It is a silver to silver breeding, although if successful, we would also expect some whites as both Opal and Steele carry for white.  Both are clear by DNA of DM,NE,VwD, and PRA.

Link to test breeding:

We are taking expressions of interest for both litters and more than happy to answer any questions.
Copies of all test results available.

11th October 2016.

Silver semen from Int Ch Asanti Tefibo Design has finally hit NZ.  Have been keenly awaiting its
arrival and now can make more plans.    My thanks to Lenka Flasarova, Czech Republic for allowing me a breeding to Santi.

28 September 2016.

A surprise arrival here........a fluffy white bundle arrived from the South Island.  Beautiful girl from Gaius Kennels, double bred on the lovely Ch Somanic Foreign Affair out of a Champion sister to the beautiful Bolero.  She will be a great help with lines to cross out to in silver.  She has blue breeding in her background and mated to silver hopefully will give us some blues and maybe silver.

31 August 2016.

Latest developments for the importation of silver semen from the continent.  All testings completed
and hopefully will be here in time for the breeding to Tia or Opal.

Plans are well under way for our new stud dog from Canada.  He should be here this time next
year.  He is a proven sire, fully tested, hip scored and eye tested.

Semen from a Red/Apricot American Grand Champion has been collected and is awaiting
shipment early October.

There are some exciting times coming and we are very very happy.

20 August 2016.

The beautiful Minka has taken Best Standard, RBIS and Intermediate In Show at the Dominion
Poodle Club.  Congratulations to Trish........The girl has done us all proud.

23 June 2016.

We have an older boy looking for a home.    He has the most wonderful nature,  good in the car,
on a lead and to clip, bath etc.  Would love to see him go to a one/two dog home where he will
have all the attention lavished on him.  He is an outstanding looking dog aged just over 2 years.
Is an inside dog,  gets on with the world and very biddable.  If he could be what you are
looking for please contact me.  

20 June 2016

All the Posh babies have new homes and from what we have been told, are settling in
well with their new families.  They are scattered all over New Zealand.

8 June 2016

Received DNA testing back for Rum, Steele and Opal.
All clear DM, NE, VwD, PRA, Mucopolysaccharidosis and Ellitocytosis.
Rum caries black and brown only.  Steele carries white,  and Opal carries both white and

9 May 2016

Shantar Temptation (Marcelle) has been returned to us.  He is a smashing boy with such a lot to give.  We have decided to collect semen from him and then he will be placed in a home.

18 March 2016

Mad trip up to Auckland Airport today.  Collected Lou and Steele from Michael Yong
at Pet Transport Ltd who cleared them through Customs and MPI with a minimum of fuss and bother.    Was a long day for them both but they came through it well.  Arrived home, raced around, scoffed tea and settling in really well.

Called in and saw the Posh/Rum brown babies on the way back.  They are growing like mushrooms
and looking really good.  There is three boys not spoken for as yet

28 February 2016

The white girl has found a lovely home and the black boy remains with his original owner.

15 February 2016

I have been asked to help find homes for two lovely standards.  One white girl, desexed, 18mos old with all vaccs etc up to date and a black boy (will need to be desexed) 4 mos old also with all vaccs up to date.  These guys are hopefully looking for a home together but can be separated.  The only reason they are being rehomed is illness in their family.  They are in Melbourne, Australia.  Please contact me for further information.

14 February 2o1

The lovely Posh (owned by Jill Harding) has been definitely confirmed as being in whelp to Rum.  This is a brown/brown outcross breeding and we have hopes of some gorgeous babies.    They are due 22nd February or thereabouts.

14 December 2015

All babes are now in their new homes and from what we hear they are doing well.
Two boys flitted across the ditch to Melbourne and have settled in happily.

4 November 2015

 Due to unforseen circumstances the black girl from Ruby and Rum is now for sale.  I have decided
to concentrate on the silver lines and with a new young silver girl arriving Friday it is better for her
to go to someone who can spend lots of time and energy on her.  I would consider selling her
on full registration to the right person where the red lines combined with the top European lines could be utilised.
There is one boy also available.  Please contact me for further information.

9 October 2015

Our expected litter has been born.  One girl and six boys.  Mother Nature decided we should have blacks only.  They are big, strong and very healthy.  Mum, Ruby, is the best of mothers and is
looking after them ever so well.    At this point there are two possibly three boys available.

5 October 2015.

The beautiful Minka (Ch Shantar Royal Minka at Ravissant) went Best of Breed at the NZ National Dog Show.  Her grooming was impeccable and Erica handled her extremely well as usual. Minka is a credit to both Purdie and Sunny and I am so delighted with her.

We are pleased to announce that we have a litter due early October sired by the lovely Negresca Silk N Ice (Rum)to a pretty red bitch from Australian breeding.  We would expect black, brown and possibly cream/apricot depending on what colors Rum carries.  Ruby was scanned today as
having 6/7 babies.  Enquiries most welcome.

The lovely Posh has decided that the time is not right for her to have babies but will be coming back to visit with us in a few months.

Both Purdy and Gem have had their litters and puppies are now with their new owners.

Puppies have gone as far afield as Whangarei, Christchurch and Melbourne with the reports from
new owners that they are doing well.  I have retained a silver girl from Gem/Bill (Opal)
and at this point she looks most promising.  A blue Purdy girl (Tia) has also been retained so
the future is looking great.

Delighted that Shantar Temptation(Purdy/Rum) and Shantar Uptown Girl (Gem/Bill)
have gone to well known NZ Breeders and exhibitors, Heather Morrison and Donna Guy.
Thanks for your confidence in these two matings.

Purdy is now speyed and continues to be the pride and joy of the house.  She is boss of
everything and everyone (in her opinion)

Gem is returning to Iris Silk in Australia with plans of a breeding to Shantar Svelte Shilo (Purdy/Bill) in the future.

Rum has been bred to Jill Harding's brown girl Posh so hopefully brown pups will make their
appearance early september.

Prospective buyers are more than welcome to come and see the dogs, at a time to suit.   
Best to phone first to make sure we are available.

If you wish to go on a waiting list to be informed about any matings please contact us.

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