In 1969 I fell in love with a black standard poodle puppy, Juliette de Beaujolais and I was HOOKED.  

She was bred to a Te Whetu dog to produce my first standard poodle litter.

Over the ensuing years I imported the gorgeous;


BIS winner Aust/NZ Ch Springett el Salvador (UK)


Aust Ch Josato Red Rum (UK)


Torpaz the Dazzler (UK)


Pokai First Lady (AUS)


Goyim Cocoa Boy (AUS)

Stepout Witha Rum Punch (AUS)

Marlau Madam Indeed (AUS) 

A few litters were bred until  early 1980 with the first being in 1971.

I have had, and bred, standard, miniature and toy poodles, 

Hungarian Vizsla and German Shepherds.


Two of the shepherds in consecutive years being police dogs of the year

 and exporting a lovely dog to the King of Tonga.


Sir Keith and Lady Holyoake also owned a cream standard I had bred.

My situation changed in the 1980s and dog owning and breeding became secondary to my job and family and although I always owned a standard poodle,

I did not breed a litter again until 2012 when Purdie was bred to 

Prodigy Phabulus Country Pride (USA)  producing a lovely litter of four pups.

Since then I have bred some more lovely babies with 2 Champions thus far with another up and comer on his way.  We also have a Purdie son in Australia siring some very good obedience. tracking and Rallyo dogs.


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